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Internal Remodel - Alwinton Terrace 2

The internal remodel of this existing Victorian terraced property is a testament to adaptability and creative problem-solving. It has undergone a series of design evolutions, each responding to budget constraints while still striving for a remarkable transformation.

The renovation, encompassing the entire house, focuses on reconfiguring the ground floor to maximize functionality and create a more open and inviting living space. A key feature of this project is the introduction of large-format glazing to the rear of the property, which not only brings in an abundance of natural light but also establishes a strong visual connection with the outdoors.

Throughout the house, new finishes and lighting are carefully chosen to refresh and modernize the interior. The result is a contemporary yet characterful living space that is a reflection of the homeowners' evolving needs and design aspirations, demonstrating that with the right vision and resourcefulness, a Victorian gem can be transformed into a modern haven.

Status - In Construction

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