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Split Level Rear Extension - Hollywell Avenue

The ambitious extension project for this existing Victorian property redefines the traditional charm of the home while introducing modern, spacious living areas. The focal point of this extension is the creation of a double-height living space that enhances the grandeur of the residence.

A key component of this project is the expansion of the kitchen and dining area, providing ample room for family gatherings and culinary exploration. The extension is crafted from black-stained timber, a striking contrast to the property's existing red brick and render. This contemporary aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to the architectural composition.

Expansive glazing is thoughtfully integrated into the design, ensuring that the mature garden becomes a living work of art, visible from within the home. This interplay between the interior and the outdoors not only adds to the aesthetics but also infuses the living spaces with an abundance of natural light

Status - Detailed Design

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