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Two Storey Side and Rear Extension - Hollywood Avenue 

The two-storey side and rear extension to this 1950s house is a remarkable transformation that has not only doubled the original footprint but also infused it with modern functionality, enhancing the lifestyle of a growing family.

The new kitchen-diner space offers a welcoming hub for family gatherings and meals, redefining the heart of the home. With contemporary detailing, the extension seamlessly blends into the existing house, using matching red brick to maintain its cohesive exterior look. This careful choice of material ensures that the new addition harmoniously complements the original structure.

Moreover, the extension incorporates two additional bedrooms, addressing the family's growing needs for space and privacy. These thoughtful additions significantly improve the overall livability of the home. To meet the stringent requirements of the local planning authority, the project involved careful planning and meticulous execution, ensuring that the extension adheres to local regulations and architectural standards.

Status - In Construction

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