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Single Storey Rear Extension and Internal Remodel - Jasmine Cottage 

The single-storey extension to Jasmine Cottage, coupled with an internal remodel, marks a transformative project that has revitalized the interior layout of this previously upstairs apartment. This renovation creatively utilizes the existing garage space to evolve the property into a charming two-bedroom house, complete with an external courtyard garden.

The extension amplifies the living space, providing a more expansive, open, and versatile environment within Jasmine Cottage. With a thoughtful redesign of the interior layout, the apartment-to-house conversion offers enhanced functionality and comfort for its residents.

The conversion now boasts two bedrooms, meeting the needs of a growing household or providing additional space for guests. Meanwhile, the introduction of an external courtyard garden adds an element of outdoor serenity, allowing residents to enjoy private moments amidst the open air.

Status - Planning Stage 

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