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Ground Floor Remodel and Renovation - Midhurst Road

The primary objective of this project is to reconfigure the interior layout of the house and existing extension, creating a spacious open-plan area to the rear of the house that establishes a seamless visual connection with the mature and expansive garden.

Incorporating new windows and openings, the renovation brings natural light and the outdoors in, transforming the living space into a light-filled sanctuary. The introduction of vertical timber rainscreen cladding to the existing, tired extension adds visual interest and a contemporary aesthetic, bridging the old and new with flair.

This project is not just about redefining the property's interior but also about enhancing the relationship between the house and its surroundings. The revamped space, with its modern design and harmonious connection to the garden, ensures that the Midhurst Road property is set to become a stylish, functional, and inviting retreat for its residents.

No additional footprint has ben proposed with this project but more efficent and imaginative use of space is created. 

Status - Technical Design. Construction Scheduled for 2024

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