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Bungalow Extension and Full Remodel - The Covers

The renovation and extension of the existing bungalow represent a comprehensive transformation, effectively bringing the dwelling "back to brick" and entirely reimagining its layout. This project achieved not only a remarkable facelift but also significant functional improvements.

The newly designed layout introduces an additional bedroom, meeting the evolving needs of its residents. Furthermore, a generously sized kitchen-dining area has been incorporated, offering a central hub for family life and entertaining. This expansive space fosters a sense of togetherness and versatility.

The project also addresses the entrance sequence by introducing a spacious hallway and utility space, enhancing the home's functionality and making a welcoming first impression. The result is a home that is both visually appealing and highly practical, attuned to the contemporary demands of its inhabitants. This renovation and extension showcase the power of thoughtful design, breathing new life into an existing bungalow and transforming it into a more accommodating and inviting living space.

Status - Completed 2023

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