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Single Storey Extension and Outhouse Conversion - The Ferns 

The project to convert the existing stone-built outhouses is a testament to modern design that seamlessly blends with historical charm. This ambitious endeavor reimagines the structures to serve a dual purpose, providing both a new entrance sequence and versatile accommodation within a tasteful and understated aesthetic.

The outhouse conversion introduces a fresh entrance sequence, leading residents and visitors into a spacious and inviting area. Inside, new utility space, a study, and a gym area cater to the diverse needs of the occupants, enhancing the functionality of the property.

The use of zinc roof and cladding creates a contemporary yet unobtrusive look, juxtaposing the traditional stone boundary wall with modern aesthetics. This choice of materials offers a unique texture and finish, giving the structure a touch of elegance while preserving its heritage.

Status - Detailed Design Stage

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